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Product Description

Product:Dong Ding Oolong


Aroma: Fragrant type Oolong tea with fruity notes.

Source of origin:Lugu,Nantou County, Taiwan.

Tea Cultivation:Natural Farming and hand picking.

Sustainability: pesticide-/ herbicide-/ chemical-/ additive-free

Process:Medium oxidation and medium roasted.


Dong Ding is a premium oolong tea from Taiwan.I t has distinctive and fruity, roasted notes also presents a touch of smokiness. it is lightly colored and has a unique lingering sweet aftertaste.

Our Dong Ding Oolong is produced in the Lugu Township of Nantou County in Taiwan. Local climate there and sandy golden yellow soil nutures high quality Qingxin Oolong.

Medium roasted and midium oxidized , perfectly picked by hand and made by old Taiwanese tea craftsman.

we make the tea leafs brew instantly and conveniently,hoping that everyone can enjoy a deep flavor of tea in anytime anywhere.




❄ 冷泡


♨ 熱泡